Worth The Hype Wednesday

From the most raved about Instagram trends to the most purchased products of the season, one has to wonder…Is all this stuff worth the time and money people spend to keep up?

For this new series, every Wednesday I will be testing a hyped up, high rated products on the market and letting you know my HONEST opinion if it is worth your $$ or if you should save it for the next new thing!

The Categories:
The Product: Background info on the product and the brand.
The Hype: What everyone is saying about WHY this product is the next best thing.
The $$$: The cost (because we all want to be wavy with this part)
The Verdict: Should you buy it or say buh-bye?

I hope you enjoy this little series and that it provides useful knowledge about trending products. If you have any products you would like to see reviewed, be sure to comment below!