Bracelets That Give

If you haven’t heard about Ascend Wood already, I am here to tell you this company is incredible!
These beautiful little trinkets are more than just adorable pieces to add to your collection; they are a way to give back to the world around you!
Up to 50% of the proceeds from each purchase with Ascend Wood goes to ministries that aid those most in need in Uganda, Haiti and Kenya.
Their mission is ” to shine light and bring awareness to the need that is out there and in the process lead you to the people and partners who are helping and serving those who need it most.”

EDITED AW close up
I can’t think of more wonderful way to give back and I am so glad I was given the opportunity to explore this unique brand!

*You can read all about Ascend Wood and check out their amazing work at or on Instagram @ascendwood

Don’t forget to check out my photo collaborations with Ascend Wood on my Instagram ♡




Disclaimer: I do not receive any compensation for mentioning the brand above. All opinions in this post and all others written are from my heart.





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